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LinkedIn – Top Tips For Sharing Content

JUL 25, 2023


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Those immersed in the marketing space dedicate significant time and resources to build compelling brands. It’s an area where we excel due to our expertise.
For many of us, LinkedIn, at times can be a neglected platform, and there are undoubtedly additional efforts we could undertake to enhance content performance on LinkedIn.

With the platform continually incorporating new features, we recommend following a few ‘golden rules’ to master the platform's algorithm. Here are some of our Top Tips to help get as much content reach and user engagement as possible:

• Post visually appealing relevant content – posts with images get 2x as many comments as text posts, and video can get 5x the engagement.​

• Schedule posts for the best times – Tuesday or Wednesday mornings are recommended.

• To maximise reach, tag companies, collaborators and people, including staff mentioned in posts, as this is a great way to encourage user engagement.

• Use up to 5 relevant hashtags.​

• Create original content. It will go much further and spark more engagement than a shared post.​

• If you reshare content, the golden rule is always to add value by including your thoughts.

• Avoid sharing outbound links. LinkedIn doesn’t want you to direct its traffic anywhere, so the algorithm prefers posts that keep everyone on the platform.

• Encourage engagement by posing a question in a post. It’s one of the most effective ways to start a conversation. Encouraging engagement signals to the algorithm that your content is valuable and can lead to higher visibility.

• Try out new formats. LinkedIn unveils new layouts occasionally, and the algorithm usually boosts content visibility – so embrace the innovation!

• Post LinkedIn-appropriate content – use a friendly and approachable tone, focusing on business, people and culture, industry insights etc.​

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need help managing your social content including your personal LinkedIn profile!
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