An introduction to midjourney


An introduction to midjourney

SEP 26, 2023


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Are you a Designer diving into the world of AI?
We know it can be overwhelming with so many tools out there. But never fear; we are here to walk you through MidJourney – an AI wonder that crafts images based on your wildest dreams. Think of it as a talented artist who creates a masterpiece by listening to your captivating ideas. Designers, MidJourney is an express lane to inspiration, giving your creativity an extra boost. 
5 key features that make MidJourney the Picasso of AI: 
1. Styles for days
From cartoons to photorealism and abstract wonders, MidJourney's visual capabilities are as diverse as they come. You’re only limited by your imagination.
2. More than a pretty picture
MidJourney can whip up anything from majestic landscapes to quirky critters. Just toss in your dreamy description, and voila – an artistic masterpiece emerges! 
3. Community vibes
Ready to ride the AI art wave? Use your own MidJourney prompts or borrow some from your new friends in the creative cosmos – use 'em and create your own art galaxy. 
4. High-res magic
Images are sharp, all day, every day. 
5. Incredibly realistic
MidJourney crafts lifelike prototypes, giving clients a sneak peek into your creative vision.  
Below are some examples of MidJourney art our team have created:
Prompt: Sci-fi Star Wars in the office
Prompt: Barbie movie Ryan Gosling being fabulous
Prompt: Keeping an open mind, in the style of Studio Ghibli
Prompt: Dog in a flower crown, in the style of Frank Cho, flashwave
Prompt: Mech samurai, futuristic, close up, Atey Ghailan, Geoff Johns
Prompt: Blueprint drawing of a Gameboy, in the style of Akihiko Yoshida
So there you have it, embrace the magic and explore the future because it’s here right now with MidJourney!
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